Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Organize Internet Content with Pocket

Are you ever on Twitter retweeting tweets when you see an interesting link to remember or to read later? Or do you find yourself always checking your history to try to remember where you saw that great article? I found myself constantly doing both until I discovered Pocket. With Pocket I am able to send articles, videos, and much more  from various social media platforms to one location that is assessable from any device. Now I am able to save anything on the web, store it, and easily rediscover it later.
We are always finding interesting content all day long and often don’t have time to read it right away or don’t know how to organize and remember what we read. Take anything you find online and save it to your Pocket so that you can view it whenever you have more time. Once the files are saved in your Pocket you don’t even need an internet connection to view them. Another great feature with Pocket is the ability to create tags for your articles. What a great way to keep all of your content organized!
Apps such as TwitterFlipboardPulse and Zite make it super easy to save to Pocket. Without using these apps you can simply email the link or pin to your Pocket ( to store for later viewing. Pocket also integrates withBufferEvernote, and Box.
Teacher-librarians are constantly given loads of information and remembering everything doesn’t have to be so overwhelming anymore. So, fill up your Pocket today!

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