Thursday, 23 August 2012

Bookmyne: Your School Library On The Go

Yesterday I attended a workshop called New Teacher-Librarian Day, presented by my school board’s library support team. The purpose of this  workshop was to assist new teacher-librarians in beginning their new role, look at library related issues and school library management.
At today’s session a great app calledBookmyne that allows you to connect to your library anywhere in the world was shared. Does your library use SirsiDynix Symphony? If so, this is a must have free app for you. Bookmyne is “the best library mobile app, hands down”. Using Bookmyne allows you to access your library’s catalogue, put books on hold and renew them. The barcode scanning is the coolest feature in this app. You can take a picture of the resource’s barcode to find out if your library carries it or which other libraries near you do. This feature will definitely prevent you from buying a book that may already be in your school’s library. With Bookmyne you can also access suggested reading materials via Goodreads, best-seller lists and reviews.

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