Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Collaborating Around the Globe with ePals

Today I attended a webinar called Introduction to ePals, presented by Steve Hodgin. I found the webinar on the Global Education Conference Network.  The purpose of this free webinar was to provide an overview on how to collaborate with other classrooms across the globe using ePals Global Community, and learning about the key features and functionality.
ePals is a social network that has been created for Kindergarten – Grade 12 learning. This network provides teachers and students with the ability to learn by connecting with other classrooms around the globe. Writing emails, sharing projects and accessing content and lesson plans are just a few ways to facilitate collaboration through ePals Global Community. This network is a great way to learn about different countries while enhancing technology skills at the same time.
Next week, I will be attending the second session, ePals 101, which will focus on integrating ePals into the classroom while providing a safe and secure learning environment for students. Please check back next week to see how you can use ePals as an instructional tool in your classroom.
I am excited to give the term “pen pals” a new meaning in my school by allowing  my students to participate in the largest social learning network.

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